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Top Perks Of Consuming Seasonal Produce

The coming and going of the seasons brings more than beautiful metamorphoses in the landscape and temperature fluctuations; as the weather changes, so do the crops of produce grown around the globe. 

Fruits and vegetables thrive during specific seasons that meet their growth requirements, helping them produce tasty and nutritious crop yields. And what’s more, eating produce that is in season has several benefits on health, finances, and the environment.  

If you are looking for a sustainable way to improve your diet and overall well-being, read on and discover the perks of seasonal eating!  

Better Taste

Have you ever gone to the countryside, picked a fruit from a tree, and bitten directly into it to experience the most delectable, juicy, and luscious flavor explosion? If you have, then you know it is a life-changing event. 

Seasonal eating is an excellent way to find those intense flavors and perfect textures in your produce. For instance, buying locally-grown strawberries in June will be a completely different experience than eating a batch that has been harvested early and refrigerated in December. The enhanced taste of seasonally collected foods is due to the natural ripening process; fruits and vegetables picked directly from the vine at their peak harvest time are packed with flavor and nutrients! 

Higher Nutritional Value

Speaking of nutrients, locally-grown seasonal produce is not only fresher than its out-of-season counterparts, but it’s also more nutrient-dense. 

Fruits and vegetables that have been sourced in your area don’t travel far before getting to your plate; consuming them close to their harvesting time gives them a higher nutritional value while providing you with essential vitamins and minerals to enhance your overall well-being.

Environmentally Friendly

Making a conscious choice to eat local and seasonal produce is an excellent way to adopt a more environmentally friendly diet and lifestyle. 

As the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables increases, the demand for out-of-season, refrigerated, and transported products decreases. In addition, you will be supporting local farmers and contributing to a circular economy that is beneficial for the community and the planet!

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